The Importance of a Chosen Family.

As an introvert, I often forget how much I still need social engagement. The worst thing a person dealing with depression or anxiety can do is isolate themselves. It allows all the false thoughts work overtime on your consciousness and pull you further into the quagmire. A support system is necessary. You need people who can tell when life is getting the better of you without you even saying it at times. You need people who are going to get you thinking and talking about things going on outside of your mind. You need people who will get you out of the house. You need a support system. Continue reading “The Importance of a Chosen Family.”

On Depression.

I know depression. I know the anxiety around discussing your pain while in the depths of it. I know the fear of not being taken seriously and being told “it’s a choice.” No one chooses to feel this low and despondent. I know the fear of sending people who care about you into an overreacting panic because they think you’re suicidal. Suicide would require more energy than you can put forth. Getting out of bed is an effort. Showering and putting on clean clothes is an uphill battle. Leave the house? Only if you can summon enough strength to dress yourself in the armor of a superficial smile that won’t cause people to ask questions. Continue reading “On Depression.”